Library Board

Board responsibilities:

The La Conner Regional Library Board represents the taxpayers of the library district. They are responsible for the overall management of the library through the Library Director, and are responsible for library policy & procedures.

The board works with governing officials of Skagit County to remain fiscally responsible.

The board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5 pm unless otherwise noted.

Library Board of Trustees:

All Board positions are service-oriented, voluntary positions. The term of office is five years, and two consecutive terms may be served.

Board Members:

Robert Hancock - Chair

Jean Markert - Secretary

Richard Wisniewski - Treasurer

Tamara Swanson-Tayama - Trustee

William Taylor - Trustee


October 2017, MinutesDirector's Report, October 2017
November 2017, MinutesDirector's Report, November 2017
December 2017, MinutesDirector's Report, December 2017
January 2018, MinutesDirector's Report, January 2018
February 2018, MinutesDirector's Report, February 2018
March 2018, MinutesDirector's Report, March 2018
April 2018, MinutesDirector's Report, April 2018
May 2018, MinutesDirector's Report, May 2018
June 2018, MinutesDirector's Report, June 2018
July 2018, MinutesDirector's Report, July 2018
August 2018, MinutesDirector's Report, August 2018
September 2018, MinutesDirector's Report, September 2018

LaConner Regional Library Board Policies, Procedures & Forms
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