Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm from out of town. Can I check my email on your computers?
Yes. Please stop at the desk sign up. Time limit is 30 minutes if anyone is waiting. We are also a wireless hotspot. If you have a laptop (or other device) that is wireless enabled, you can access the Internet on your own computer.

Q: How can I get a library card?
A: If you live within the La Conner school district boundaries, you are eligible for a library card. The boundaries are roughly Highway 20 on the north, Best Rd/BeaverMarsh/Bradshaw/Fir Island Roads on the east, Maupin Road on the south, and the shoreline along Similk Bay/Skagit Bay to the west. Please please check the boundary map for specifics. If you think you are in the district, please check the Assesor's Office Web Page for the most recent authority. 

You will need a piece of ID that shows your address is within the district service area. Students under 14 need a parent signature to obtain a library card and/or use the Internet.

Q: I'm not a resident of the La Conner Library or School District. Can I get a library card?
If you are not eligible, you can "join" the library as a non-resident member by paying a $50.00 annual fee or $10 a month if you are here on a limited basis. Even if you are a non-resident, the library is open to everyone for reading, research and use of materials in the building. We'd love to have you join La Conner Regional Library.

Q: I understand I can have a card with the other libraries in Skagit Co. Is that true?

A: If you live within the library district and have a valid card you can get a reciprocal card. You need to come in and get a sticker put on your La Conner card. You then take that card to one of the other libraries and sign up for a card with them. If you purchase a card from us because you are not a resident of our district you are not eligible for the reciprocal program. All materials must be returned to the library where you checked them out and you must abide by their rules.

Q: I need to renew a book but I can't figure out how to get into my account on line.
When you go to the catalog page from our webpage, you will see a link to "my account" in the area below the search box. You will need your username which is your library card number (don't put the P before the number) and a password which is the last four digits of your phone number.


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